About the Club

As a member of the Casali Wine Club, you’ll have access to exclusive wine tastings and a curated selection of Tuscan wines that you won’t find anywhere else.

Membership in the Casali Wine Club also includes discounts on all wine purchases, early access to new releases, discounts on villa stays and invitations to exclusive wine events. You’ll be part of a community of wine enthusiasts who share your passion for discovering and savoring the best wines of Tuscany.

As a member, you'll receive

  • Wine tastings and tours at Casali di Bibbiano to connect with us
  • 15% discount on all wines purchased through our site
  • 10% discount on stays and events at the Villas of Casali di Bibbiano
  • Free shipping to US and EU with unique gifts in each box
  • Special invites to our events held in Italy, the US and sometimes beyond!

Two Levels of Membership

The Casali Club offers two levels of membership. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a connoisseur, both levels let you deepen your appreciation for Tuscan wines and discover new favorites. Sign up today and start enjoying the exclusive benefits of membership in the Casali Wine Club.


€400 per delivery, including shipping and handling.
  • Two shipments of 6 bottles each:
  • 2019 Luminoso (100% Sangiovese)
  • 2019 Casalone (80% Sangiovese, 20% Cabernet/Merlot)


€800 per delivery, including shipping & handling.
  • Two shipments of 12 bottles each:
  • 2019 Luminoso and Casalone
  • One bonus shipment of 6 bottles:
  • 2018 Luminoso (100% Sangiovese, aged for 2 years in Oak)